Rock Vocals 101

Allot of people wonder just how their favorite Rockstars are able to belt out such powerful notes.  Whether it’s soaring highs to gruff lows, to sounding like they swallowed glass.  These tips will be helpful in developing your vocals so you can have an understanding of how the pros do it.  Don’t let someone discourage you in telling you that rock vocalists are damaging their voice.  There is a proper way to scream with minimal damage that will help you attain your goal.

Workout your range:

It’s boring and tedious, but it has to be done.  Building your range is an essential part in having more power and control of your notes.  This will lead to being more comfortable singing any song.  If you have a keyboard or guitar or just go on YouTube.  Select a scale and go up it until you reach your limit (don’t over do it, don’t strain) and then go back down the scale, repeat.


This is vital if you want people to understand what you are saying and or sing along.  Pick any song you enjoy singing and sing the lyrics with exaggerated enunciation. You might sound like a dork but trust me, it better than mumbling through the lyrics you worked so hard on.  (unless you blank out on stage, of course 🙂

Flex your Stomach:

Yes you should be breathing from your diaphragm.  Even when you sing you should be expelling minimal air.  The best way to implement this is in your daily exercises.  When going through your scales, just belt out your one, two, threes and make sure you breathe in (through your diaphragm, NOT chest) and then flex your abs holding in the air and then project you numbers.  this will help in giving you more power and better dispersion of air when singing.

These three steps should keep you busy for some time, start slow and keep building don’t push yourself and ALWAYS sing in CLEAN!

Till next time.