Factors that inhibit the voice

Contrary to popular belief, throwing back a shot of tequila doesn’t work wonders for your voice. Sure, it will help loosen you up in front of a crowd of people but it most certainly won’t make you a better singer. In fact, alcohol acts as an inflammatory agent causing the vocal cords to swell. This makes it harder to hit certain notes properly. Ever wonder what other factors inhibit the vocal cords from working to their fullest potential? Continue reading on for more!

Other factors that interfere with the vocal cords include sugar, dairy and caffeine. Most singers eliminate or minimize these substances from their diet entirely to keep their voices working at optimal capacity. Sugar also acts as an inflammatory agent, inflaming the vocal cords. Cutting back on dairy helps minimize the amount of mucus that the body produces. Too much mucus interferes with a singer’s ability to hit certain notes. Caffeine acts as a dehydrant, decreasing the amount of lubrication available to the vocal cords. Drinking water lubricates the vocal cords, preventing friction between them and allowing for full vocal range. Toying with these different dietary components is definitely worth a shot if you are looking to keep your pipes in working order.