singing lessons los angeles, california

Take singing lessons in Hollywood!

Learn from one of the best vocal coaches located right in Hollywood. The Voice Mechanic has over 30 years experience in singing. He also plays lead guitar in his band, MIWA, featuring Miwa, Sean Lee, Chris Slade, and Mitch Perry. 

Classes are private 60 minute sessions where you will learn the proper way to sing. Contact The Voice Mechanic to schedule an appointment or to buy a gift certificate for someone.

Take lessons with The Voice Mechanic and learn any style of music you want. Heavy metal is one of the popular genres, you can learn to sing with a rasp and learn to scream without hurting your vocal chords. This can open up different opportunities like for vocal actors, you can make demos of monster screams that send shivers down everyone’s spines.

Once you learn how to sing properly you can look into recording your first song! At The Voice Mechanic, you can also record your first professional song or album! At a lower cost than most studios. Contact The Voice Mechanic to schedule a recording sesh. Voice over samples, song demos, and more.