Metal Singing Lessons in LA

Metal singing lessons in LA are very popular. Although not every vocal coach has the knowledge or experience to teach the proper way to sing metal. Just like it takes time to develop your belting, it takes time to develop your rasps. The correct vocal coach will help develop these new techniques, which ever one you chose, with a faster turn around time than most others because they focus on muscle use and breathing. 

Trying to find the best vocal coach that teaches metal?

I hear ya. Finding the right vocal coach can be a challenge. Luckily, Los Angeles California is the best place to search.

Located on Hollywood Blvd, near all the greatest attractions LA has to offer, you will find The Voice Mechanic. The best vocal coach in Hollywood, with over 30 years experience. The Voice Mechanic teaches new students everyday but also has returning students regularly. Not only does he teach metal, but also teaches any genre you like. His non-classical way of teaching sets him apart from the competition, focusing on breath control and projection.

Is Metal difficult to sing?

Not at all! Everything is a little bit harder in the beginning and everyone is different. Some people might pick up the style in a few days while it takes others a few months to get that rasp in your throat. At The Voice Mechanic, you will receive a tailored experience different from everyone else, learn at your own pace with individual and private lessons. Vocal lessons are 60 minutes long a session. In these 60 minutes you will learn the technique to create a support for your singing and breathing. Applying these techniques daily will help strengthen the muscles needed to project your voice for singing.

Should my throat hurt after singing?

No! If your throat hurts then it’s time to take a break. We never want to damage or risk damaging our vocal chords, some cases are known to have permanent damage and that’s irreparable. This is why it is important to have an experienced vocal coach near, to monitor your strain and help it lessen over time. Vocal coaches will also advise you when enough has been done for the day. They can hear when our voices are exhausted and need a break. Usually a good night’s sleep helps the vocal chords restore, but serious injury can make itself presently known for over a week. If you feel like you seriously damaged your vocal chords, consider asking to be seen by a doctor.