The Most Unique Singers

Most unique singers:

Every singer has a unique quality to his or her voice. No one person sounds the same which is arguably a vocalist trait. Through the years some great vocalists came to the forefront ushering in their own style, giving them a unique voice and making them stand out amongst the rest. Some of these vocalist help develop a popular vocal style that defined a genre while others brought their own take to the table. Here is a quick list of some of the most unique singers in modern music.

Robert Plant:

Known also as the “Golden God” in his glory days with the infamous Led Zeppelin. He was one of the first vocalists to utilize high pitch screams in the Hard Rock genre and help popularize that style which became the Hard Rock/Heavy Metal vocal template for future bands.

Ozzy Osbourne:

Not the first guy that comes to mind when thinking of great vocalists, BUT no one can deny that he has a style all to himself and is instantly recognizable. Starting with his early days with Heavy Metal forefather Black Sabbath then to his successful solo career, Ozzy Osbourne has one of the most unique voices in music.

Rod Stewart:

Known for his sultry raspy voice, Stewart came to prominence in the 60’s and 70’s with catchy tunes and swagger. His music was a culmination of Rock, R&B, Soul, Folk and more. Undeniably one of the more unique voice in music.

Janis Joplin:

One of the few female rock vocalists that can run with the males. She had the grit in her voice and the charisma/attitude to back it up.

Michael Jackson:

This list would not be complete without the King of Pop. Started with the Jackson 5, eventually exploding into his successful solo career. A unique voice that can transcend different musical genres, and the capabilities of crafting great songs made him a force to be reckon with.