Top Japanese Metal Singers

Top Japanese Metal Singers:

Most people don’t know that Japan has birthed some fantastic metal bands through the years that fused many styling’s in their music.  These bands also had some amazing singers that can give most western bands a run for their money.  Here are some of the top Heavy Metal singers the land of the rising sun has given us in the past couple of years, some are more popular than others, but talent isn’t measured by popularity.

Masaki Yamada - EZO

Famous for being the lead singer of EZO.  Masaki has one hell of a powerful voice, filled with rasp, range and a great vibrato/resonance, he is defiantly a force to be reckon with.

Minoru Niihara - Loudness

One of the original members that made up the Heavy Metal powerhouse Loudness.  Minoru’s vocal style was originally influenced by blues singers, but immediately shifted gears when joining Loudness turning him into one of Japans finest Metal singers.

Nov - Aion

A fantastic vocalist famous for being in the Visual Kei/Speed Metal band Aion.  Not much is known about Nov, other than Aion having been successful in Japan in the early mid 90’s until they broke up in 95.  Nov’s vocal style is very versatile, from deep rasp, to vibrato filled cleans he’s is a very underrated vocalist.

Keiko Terada - Show-Ya

From the all female Japanese power house Show-Ya.  Keiko is one of the  great Rock/Metal female vocalists from Japan.  She would later incorporate other styles such has blues, pop and soul on her solo records.

Morrie - Dead End

From the influential Metal band Dead End.  Morrie’s early vocal style is highly reminiscent of the late Ronnie James Dio but has a style all to his own.   His vocals evolved with the band’s sound, and suited every release.


I stumbled upon this singer through a friend; and both AC/DC’s Chris Slade and Yngwie Malmsteen Bjorn Englen are members of.  Her name is Miwa and the band is named after her.  This girl has some serious pipes and can belt with the rest of them and then some.  Her vocals are very raspy, deep and have a strong high end.  Sounds like a cross between Lane Stanley and Rob Halford.  Defiantly a diamond in the ruff and worth checking out!

Toshi - X-Japan


One of the most famous singers in Japanese Rock/Metal ever.  From the mighty X-Japan Toshi has some powerful pipes and is known for his constant high belting.  His vocals are very versatile as they had to be to sing X-Japan’s music.

Mari Hamada - Mari Hamada

Yet another great female vocalist with some insane highs.  Though her music is not so much Metal her talent can’t be denied,  did I mention she can scream high and her sister (backup vocalist) can match her and go even higher.