Singers: Mic Technique

High feedback, popping, cracking are all signs of bad mic technique. Singing is one game, but proper mic technique is essential to getting the most out of your sound.

Having a great singing voice is amazing, but it might seem like you are a bad singer if you’re not using proper mic control. When you’re singing into a mic, you have to take into account the feedback that’s going back into the mic. You have to check the sound to make sure you’re mic sounds well with the speakers it’s using. Popping and cracking are bad sounds, they can damage your speakers permanently. Make sure to start with a low volume and work your way up. You need to keep a good distance between the mic and the speakers. The other distance to keep in mind is the distance from your mouth to the mic. 

Normally when someone sings in their regular tone voice, they need to keep the mic flushed to their lips. This helps the sound go directly in the mic and amplify the vibrations.

When you have to belt out a note, you have to distance the mic from your mouth enough for it to not be too overblown. The louder and harder you sing, the more distance you can provide. If you hear a note too ringy but you know the pitch is perfect try distancing the mic more from your mouth. The lower you sing the closer the mic should be so clear sound can come through.

Proper mic control takes practice. It also takes a good sound team that knows when all volumes are correct. Once you learn how the sound is supposed to be, you will be able to self adjust your volumes and mic.